Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (Santouka Cuppage)

Got selected for complimentary Santouka new menu tasting and went down to try the ramen. They are having two new upcoming ramen which is the Spicy Shio Ramen and Kaisen Hiyashi Mazesoba.


For the spicy Shio ramen, I must say that it is not spicy at all. Even my friend who don’t take spicy food also don’t feel it is spicy at all. So don’t be cheated by the name. You got to add more chilli powder to make it more spicy. The soup is kind of thicker texture than the normal Shio ramen and it tasted milky in my opinion. It has a strong taste, 不难吃但不和我的胃口. I am not a fan of those garnishes which makes it look like Vietnam or Thailand style noodle. The piece of pork is ok, not tough but don’t have the 融在嘴里的感觉. The noodle is also not Q. Would have been better if there’s the option of choosing the hardness of the noodle.


The Kaisen Hiyashi Mazesoba is like Japanese 干捞面 with not sure if is peanut or sesame sauce. Gives me a feeling like China 担担面. This one suits my liking more as the ingredients got broccoli, prawns, salmon sashimi and scallop too. The scallop is pretty small size so your eyes got to be sharper to spot that.


Didn’t know that this ramen you got to choose toppings. You can choose 2 toppings from the left and 1 from the right as shown in the picture. The staff is so nice to give us to try all the ingredients. The 3 meat options are unagi, pork and beef. For beef lover like me, I will recommend to choose the beef. It is not bad. Mai Hiam Buay Pai feel. The other 7 side dishes which you can choose only 2, I personally feel to go for the bamboo shoots, black fungus or the cheese since the noodle itself already have vegetables. My friend, M, is like a hardcore fan of Santouka and recommended other food at there. Her love for Santouka just gives me this imagination of her singing “对你爱爱爱不完” towards the ramen as I kept hearing she loves Santouka.


Tried other ramen over there and I do Like it more than the new menu. The pork gyoza is very nice. 够juicy and I love that they have the white vinegar and chilli oil for me to dip my gyoza. My recommendation is pour the white vinegar first on the sauce plate and then mix in chilli oil. Proportion can be 3 vinegar: 1 chilli oil. I don’t know why but in my mind I will always feel that whenever there’s white vinegar and chilli oil, the gyoza is usually not bad.


My friend also recommended me to the pork cheek. Semi-halal me is not a fan of pork but the pork cheek there is really not bad. It got a slight 融在嘴里的感觉, 很嫩 and is not dry at all. So is really quite shiok! But it may also be considered salty to people who don’t take high dosage of salt level. I would definitely come back for the pork cheek and gyoza next time.


A meal should always end off with a dessert to have a 完美结局. Tried the strawberry parfait and it is like ice cream with added strawberry and cornflakes at the bottom. 不会不好吃 but 没有满足感. Firstly the look itself is not very wow wow wow and is really hard to scoop out the cornflakes at the bottom to eat together with the ice cream. So I do have the Pek Chek feel while eating it. Overall Santouka is still a place with decent ramen and I would recommend to order the pork cheek and gyoza if you ever go there.

Check out their J Passport Santouka page here!

Address: 21 Cuppage Rd, Cuppage Road, 229452
Telephone: 6235 1059
Opening hours:
Mon – Thurs 12:00pm to 3:00pm, 5:30pm to 11:30pm;
Fri 12:00pm to 3:00pm, 5:30pm to 12:00am;
Sat 12:00pm to 12:00am and Sun 12:00pm to 10:00pm

Tottori Night – Japan Rail Cafe Tanjong Pagar


Got invited to Tottori Night and it was really a fantastic event. Initially I was not sure of what is Tottori as I only know Tottoro. It was a good event with the host, Misa, introducing Tottori to us. Now then I know Tottori is a prefecture in Japan, and is just 2.5 hours away from Osaka via train. The event was at Japan Rail Cafe and I was thrilled to know of this cafe.

The food served there is really not bad so it gives me the feel to want to go back there to eat again. The host was showing us video and pictures of her in Tottori while giving us to try the food that is famous in Tottori.

IMG_0991  IMG_0940  IMG_0939.JPG

That mascot of a combination of a pear and bird is called Toripi. It is a kind of symbol representing Tottori. Not a fan of birds but this pear 鸟 I can accept.


The host shared the knowledge that Tottori is quite a seafood paradise and they have Matsuba Crab. When I heard seafood, I lit up!  This Matsuba crab can be enjoyed many ways like boiled, baked, raw etc and I got to try the Tottori kani Chirashi Don. It is selling in Japan Rail Cafe for $25.

IMG_0969Inside this don got tamogo, ikura, bean curd skin and other ingredients which I feel is very tasty and not boring. The crab meat is sweet. Super satisfying after eating that don and my bowl seems like don’t really need to wash after I finished it. The host shared with us that Tottori is famous for 20th Century Pears. I got to try a slice of the pear and oh my god, when I put into my mouth, I felt like I’m Sun Wukong who has eaten the 仙桃 like that. The pear is damn juicy and sweet. I totally fell in love with the pear and glad that I was given 1 whole pear to bring home to enjoy with my family. So if I ever go to Tottori, I would want to buy these pears back or can go during Autumn to do pear-picking.

IMG_1011           IMG_1015

Next the host introduced this pink color curry. Is super interesting to see curry in this color. One may think is it strawberry flavour. To me the color looks like Bandung drink color. It is actually beetroot thus got this pink color. Beetroot is good for health so I pretty like this curry. It got a bit of spicy taste and I don’t feel jelat after eating it. The host also pass around some sake for us to try. Did capture picture of the sake but I can’t remember the name. I only remember that it is super smooth and don’t have the drink and burn your throat feel. I only remember got this Umesake Nokyo which tastes very strong in my personal opinion. It was really an interesting night with the host introducing the places in Tottori, sharing that there is sand dunes and it really captured my attention to want to visit Tottori. Didn’t know that there are so many interesting places to visit at there and they even have Manga Kingdom. Host says that Tottori produces a lot more snow crabs than Hokkaido. There was a quiz that night to answer some questions and one of the prizes was 5 Matsuba crabs. I really wanted to win the crabs but it all boils down to one’s luck. My friend was so lucky to win that 5 crabs and I was so happy as if we won TOTO! The crabs are really sweet tasting and I love it . I even used the crab to cook porridge and oh my god, it was heavenly! Tottori shall be my next travel destination to explore in Japan.

Check out their J Passport Tottori page here!
Address: 5 Wallich Street, #01-20 Tanjong Pagar Centre, Singapore 078883
Telephone: 6385 5422 
Opening hours: Mon to Sun 11:00am to 9:00pm 

Banyan Tamarind Foods @ Kult Kafe

As my blog name says “gotmoodthenblog”, now I really have the mood to blog about my bad dining experience at Kult Kafe located at Mount Emily. My friend who lives near there has been to that place a few times thus recommended me to go try. It was my first time to visit there and indeed the place looks awesome for chill-out. Their drinks menu was on the wooden door which seems interesting. Having such good vibes of the place but yet it ended as a disgusted experience for me and my friend.
The drinks at Kult Kafe is ok so the problem is not with the drinks. I was really appalled by the attitude of this lady who came over to ask for feedback but yet gave us a defensive and rude attitude. We ordered the “Peruvian stew” and “Chinese BBQ Shitake Soy Leaf Pau” and the order was missed, thus no food was served till we inquired about it.
After tasting the food, we felt the salad was too sour for our liking thus we did not finish it. We did finished the Pau even though is not fantastic. Later a guy came over to ask us how is the food and we just briefly commented that the salad is a bit too sour for our liking and the conversation stopped there. Soon after, the lady came over to explain about the salad and claimed that their recipe used quite a lot of lemon which explained the sour taste. She did offered to change the salad to a plain one which we declined as we do not wish to eat anymore.
This is the ironic part. She came over to ask our feedback which we didn’t even requested to see her yet she was so defensive and super rude!
I do know the world sure has rude people and not sure is it 犯太岁啦,bumped into this ridiculous lady. I provided feedback that maybe to have a baking sheet below the pau will be better since it will stick on the paper plate. I’m sure people who have common sense will understand this theory. And I also briefly said maybe the presentation of the food could be better than on paper plate. Here comes the defensive attitude from her. She said something along this line “if I were to charge this for $20, maybe I can give you a better plate.” I was shocked by this reply. Seriously I didn’t know better plate will come with higher price? Moreover after eating, I won’t even take your plate lor! Ridiculous theory in my opinion.
We didn’t even bother to want to continue the conversation with her and then she asked about our profession. I commented we are in the media industry and she started to comment that “Producers/Directors are the people who always like to complain.” And later she claimed she got 17 years of experience in advertising industry and she’s 40 years old thus will know how to handle us. What crap is this? Where got people so rude to customers who paid for the food and still need to insult people’s profession and industry. Still dare to say she’s from the industry as well. Shame on her! I hope this person can learn to respect people from all professions and industries. Without producers/directors and other roles, you think you got tv shows to watch ah? Learn to be respectful to everybody! Thankfully to her coming to explain about the food and the rude conversation later revealed that we were over charged and the food served to us , one of the dishes was not what we ordered. We actually ordered the stew but it didn’t come. There was a mistake at their end. Seriously we didn’t even discover it. She still ask us to Dabao the stew back home to eat which we declined. Later she refunded $10 for the food we did not order. Anyway this part of the maths I don’t really understand why refund only $10 when the food which was $15 didn’t come at all. This is really my first time to experience such horrible service. I know there’s no service charge but we don’t deserve such rude attitude when in the first place, we didn’t complain about the food at all and she’s the one who came over to ask us. 莫名其妙!
I called up Kult Kafe the next day to request to speak with the boss. The boss was the one who answered the call and we had about 30 minute conversation. From the call, it was clarified the guy who came to ask us how is the food was actually the boss. He claimed that he saw that we seemed not happy as the food was late due to a miss at their side and he was the one who went to tell the lady about the salad was sour. We did not even express a single unhappiness and he self assumed that which had this situation happened I reckoned. It was not the boss’s fault as the food belonged to vendor which he collaborated with.
I just wanted to provide this feedback to him and is really up to him to speak with his vendor. He was apologetic and even told me he don’t treat customers like retail customers but treat them as guests. Too bad I don’t even feel like I’m a guest at there with such rude attitude from that lady.
 That night I have no idea who is that lady who just came over to speak to us. I asked the boss and he said she was the one who made the food. Now maybe I understand why is she so defensive but that’s a super bad attitude to customers whom she is accepting people’s money lor. The boss said he won’t take sides but yet he has heard the defensive tone from that lady and I just wondered how come he didn’t do anything. Over the call, he admitted the lady was defensive and said maybe something happened to her in her life or you know the women’s monthly thing. He even explained he thought the producers/directors people are most difficult customers is internal joke. That is such an insult to people from that industry and I’m not sure if they are being naive or what, so many people from different industries do complain when things are not right! I understand the boss is really trying to be nice to help explain but that kind of reasoning, isn’t accepting at all.
He did offered me to go down again to have a drink and make friends/talk about it. Thank you for that gesture but it won’t really solve the issue.
I personally called to highlight this issue is to hope this lady will not give this kind of rude attitude to other customers out of the blue and learn to be respectful! Overall, how do I feel about the food? Is not fantastic at all as it doesn’t give me the wow feel to want to eat it again but it is not 难吃. Look at the pictures taken and you be your own judge. The unique experience given by this rude lady made me ponder why should I want to spend money on such food?
Editor’s Note:
As part of a complete  novelty (bad) experience, we recommend you find the place yourself. 

Tokyo Yakiniku Heijoen @ Japan Food Town


Japan Food Town in Wisma Atria level 4 is having Spring Lunch Fair from 8th to 21st May and I was lucky to be selected for complimentary food tasting at Yakiniku Heijeon to try the Omelette Style Hayashi Rice.


To me, It is basically Japanese rice covered with a yellow blanket that is made of egg. The  “yellow blanket” is not too thick and I felt this is the ideal thickness for omelette. Then there is sauce with some shimeiji mushroom and thin slices of beef on top of it. The sauce is not bad but it is not really strong flavour nor it is very 香 in my opinion. Got a tinge of sour taste but is really good enough. I tried the famous Kyoto Kichi Kichi Omu rice before and comparing their sauces, I would say this has a slightly stronger taste. Good thing is that I could finish the whole set and I don’t feel “jelat”. And the beef texture is not bad, not the elastic kind that will get stuck to your teeth. I would say this lunch set is value for money. $11.80 ++ you get to have it together with a reasonably generous portion of salad and seaweed soup. It left me feeling full and the taste is not bad. This set alone did not give me the super satisfying feel.


I looked around the restaurant and saw people ordering the Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef. I ordered the Deluxe Heijeon Kalbi to share with my friend. Oh my god, the beef is so shiok! I felt so satisfied just by having 3 pieces! I definitely can gobble down few more pieces but I also need to show some tender loving care to my wallet. You can order the beef as a set with the rice, salad and soup too. Everyone can just cook it to your own preferred doneness. Examining the raw beef, I could see that it should have some sauce marinated with it.


After the beef is cooked, I sniffed it and is so 香! There is also a light sauce given to dip the beef. Dip it or not, I felt the beef is equally shiok! While savouring the yummy beef that got a bit of “melt-in-your-mouth” feel, my friend challenged me and said “Tell me you want to be a vegetarian now!” Internal joke that I always tell her I want to be vegetarian whenever I felt that I need to eat more vegetables and have a healthier diet. Seriously, with that beef in my mouth, I decided I could never be vegetarian. How can I give up for such 人间美味的 beef 呢? Highly recommended to try the beef and I am very happy to find myself a nice dining option in Wisma which I always could not think of what’s available at there.


I ended my meal with the honey tofu custard pudding which I personally like it too!

Check out their J Passport Japan Food Town page here!
Address: 4F Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877
Telephone: 6262 3298

Ikkousha Hakata Ramen @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza


I submitted my blog previously and got selected to be invited to free ramen tasting at Ikkousha Hakata Ramen. I am a fan of ramen so I was really excited to try new ramen places to find out where can I have nice ramen in Singapore. This place is not too easily spotted. It is beside Tanjong Pagar hawker center and opposite of Orchid Hotel. My friend, Mel, commented that the facade looks like some Chinese restaurant instead of Japanese restaurant. The shop itself reminded me of a ramen shop I went to in Tokyo, near Shinjuku station.


It has water and free egg on the table for customers to help themselves too. So I’m quite pleased with the shop setting. There is also no queue when I went over to there. Not sure if the shop is not known yet or because it is not easily spotted. We tried 3 different flavours of ramen. Generally the ramen is not bad, but it did not give me the “wow” factor that I will think of this place whenever I want to eat ramen. But if I am around Tanjong Pagar area and got a craving for ramen, I will go to this shop since the ramen places around that area are also not up to my liking.



I personally have my own criteria to judge whether the ramen can make it or not in my personal opinion. Firstly, the soup must be able to make it. For the original Tonkotsu standard, I think this is pretty not bad. I managed to finish 2/3 of the soup as it gets too 腻. They are also pretty generous with the serving of shredded black fungus in the ramen which I seldom see the kind of generosity elsewhere. Secondly, noodle texture is very important. The noodle texture is too soft despite I chose normal. Maybe next time I shall choose very hard then it would be just nice. The noodle is the thin kind and I didn’t have the springy “doi doi” feel when I was eating it. The noodles gave me the lifeless feel. Thirdly, I would check out whether the pork got melt in the mouth kind of feel or not. It must not be too tough and not overly 猪味. The piece of pork is normal, not overly fantastic. Lastly, I always want to add egg to the ramen and if the egg is not up to my liking, I would feel cheated and would not feel that it is a complete good ramen experience. So I added the “flavored egg” and it passed my criteria, where it is runny inside and does not taste too bland. Heng ah!


For the spicy God Fire ramen, we chose the higher level but it is not really that spicy for our tongues.


The black Tonkotsu Ramen I can totally give it a miss. Not 香 at all. My friend was rather disappointed with that ramen and did not really finish it.


Gyoza is not bad, but I’m not sure if it is made by them or the frozen kind.

Naturally, the food itself must be good before I would want to go patronize the shop. But I do look into other factors like customer service. One of the lady staff there was really nice and her service level did impressed me. The other guy serving us that day was a bit like a wood block. In terms of pricing, a Tonkotsu standard ramen is only $12, and I feel is quite reasonably priced especially that you can eat the free hard boiled eggs on the table with no extra charge. Overall, this ramen is still much better than a famous ramen in pacific plaza area which I don’t fancy at all.

Hmm… I was thinking how should I end off this entry and I came across this quote about ramen “Ramen is a dish that’s very high in calories and sodium. One way to make it slightly healthier is to leave the soup and just eat the noodles.” I totally disagreed with this quote lor. Eating ramen must eat the noodles together with the soup then will feel 爽/shiok. If One is so health conscious, then better don’t eat it and just survive with water and keep breathing!

Check out their J Passport Ikkousha Hakata Ramen page here!
Address: Block 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-104, Singapore 081007
Telephone: 6538 1880
Opening hours: Mon to Sun 11:30am to 10:00pm 
Here’s the menu for your reference:

泗益 – The best French toast I ever eaten in Hong Kong


This is my favourite and best French toast I ever eaten in Hong Kong. It is located in Stanley behind a fruit stall. You got to ask around how to find the place cos it is pretty hidden and I did had a hard time locating it.




I would take the effort to travel up to Stanley market machiam like 取西经 to want to eat this toast. Best to go early as it closes at 4pm and towards 3 plus in afternoon, maybe don’t have French toast anymore le. I super love the 大排档 feel and is super old school. Behind the stall got sell noodle which is similar to 车仔面 in my opinion. Saw those grannies sitting same table as me ordering that then I of cos also order to try. Not bad la the taste but I would prefer to go for a few more French toast! Every time I like to joke with my Hong Kong friend that I want to visit the Stanley prison cos of the Chow Yun Fatt Prison of Fire movie. I like the song 友谊之光..Super got feel..not that I want to lock myself in prison but the song reflects friendship and I also happened to be eating with my friend who values food as much as I do..  “人生於世上有幾多西多,多少西多能長存。今日食到溫益的crispy多士,味道常在我的心里。

Address: 2 Stanley Market Street, Stanley, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2813 0507
Opening hours: Mon to Sun 6:00am to 4:00pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

The Beef House at 217 Syed Alwi Road


FullSizeRender-3.jpgThis is the best beef balls I have eaten so far in Singapore. It was first introduced to me by my China friend who said that this is comparable to the good ones she had in her hometown.


I am not a fan of the usual beef balls or meat balls but these beef balls are simply irresistible! Firstly, the texture got 弹性 so is a bit like eating a meat ball with a mini springy effect. Secondly, in my opinion, it doesn’t have the flour taste. Some meat balls doesn’t really taste like they have meat in it but is like eating a round ball of flour kind of feel.


Lastly, the chilli sauce compliments well with balls in my personal opinion. Even if you can’t take spicy, just by eating the beef balls and drinking the soup is tasty enough! The standard portion is $4, 5 beef balls with noodle or Bee Hoon. Each beef ball is $0.60 and the noodle/Bee Hoon is $1 which comes with some Bar Chor aka minced meat on it. I’m quite hooked on to these beef balls that I will customize the number of balls I want to eat. When I’m very hungry, I can eat 15 balls together with the Bee Hoon. My minimum will be at least 10 beef balls so that it can satisfy my craving. This stall also sells Yong Tau Foo, Hakka Abacus dish (算盘子) and Soon Kueh. If you can’t take beef, you can just eat their Yong Tau Foo while the beef lovers can continue to feast on the beef. I personally do like their Soon Kueh and Hakka Abacus dish because the Kueh skin is very chewy, machiam eating dissolvable kind of chewing gum texture. During lunch time, you will need to wait a bit longer for the beef balls as they really have a lot of orders. Please do not go on Fridays as the stall is closed on Fridays. So these beef balls could never make it to my “Happy Friday” food list but it can make it to my “Chase Away Monday Blues” or “Happy Mid Week” food list.

Address: Gar Lok Eating House, 217 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207776
Telephone:9821 5463
Opening hours: Daily 9:00am to 6:00pm


Luke’s Lobster Roll in Osaka


I didn’t know Osaka Shinsaibashi there got Luke’s lobster roll. I was walking along that long street in searching for food and chanced upon this shop. I somehow felt that Luke’s lobster ring a bell to me and being a seafood lover, I see the word “lobster” I die die also want to try la. The first lobster roll I tried before my trip to Osaka was at Dancing Crab in Vivocity. After trying this Luke’s one, oh my god, 一個天一個地 lor. Luke’s one start from 980 yen if I remember correctly and being a budget traveller, I shared with my friend 1 roll.


The bread is so 香 and soft till suitable for 吃軟飯 people Lor. 夠軟! I don’t really like bread that is too hard if not machiam chewing on 樹皮 like that. The lobster meat is so juicy somemore and I like the sauce mixed with it which I no idea what they mixed in. Next time I want 1 roll by myself! Half a roll is also very shiok le so you can walk further down to eat more. The lobster meat is bigger and juicer than dancing crab de. Maybe I ate dancing crab lobster roll during promotion period then it get shrinked?

unnamed.jpgThen the service in Japan Luke’s lobster roll is not bad. I wanted to take picture of the lobster roll in a more different way so when the lady passes it to me, I just snapped a quick picture and she is still so nice to pose and smile towards me. Good customer service level from this lady! Missing to go back Osaka to eat this lobster roll lor.. I strongly recommend to try this which won’t burn too big a hole in your pocket and at least really eat 到 sufficient lobster lor. Don’t know why suddenly this phrase “問世間龍蝦為何物, 只知道我要吃它 ” popped up in my mind…

Address: 1 Chome-3-21, Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0085, Japan

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00am to 9:00pm

Wai Kee Noodle Cafe (維記咖啡粉麵) in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Sham Shui Po is my favorite and die die I must visit whenever I go to Hong Kong. I love it that it has a lot of interesting things for me to see and buy, and to be honest, 1 full day is not enough for me to cover the whole Sham Shui Po. Spending 1 whole day at there I sure need to eat de lor.. if not walk die me plus hungry die me, that will be very pathetic! So this is one of my must eat whenever I go to Sham Shui Po if you are a 豬肝 lover. 古人說:吃了豬肝不會沒心肝. Haha I say say for fun only la.. So those people you feel they have no 心肝,don’t waste your effort to feed them eat 豬肝.  自己吃比較好! The pork liver is cooked to my liking and I think is perfect. Pork liver can’t be too overcooked if not is like eating rubber lor. This one cook till very tender so I super love it! You can choose the type of noodle you preferred but my personal preference is always the marcoroni.
FullSizeRender 2.jpg
The kaya French toast is better than quite a lot of Cha Chan Teng there. I personally have my favorite French toast in Hong Kong and it takes quite a journey to travel up to eat. Next time got mood about French toast then share about it ba.. Also, please expect to share table and confirmed got queue during lunch time. Is more shiok to immerse in such Hong Kong culture and eat that noodle lor.. my style of dining..  Worth to give it a try if you are in Sham Shui Po.. Less than SGD$10 can give you a good local Hong Kong taste is my personal opinion.
Want to know how to go there can go download open rice app and search under Sham Shui Po area. I also need to google to guide me to go there. If can’t find can also ask the people there to guide as it is like a 老字號 that people there usually will know. But I still give you the address below for your convenience sake la.
Address: G/F, 62 & 67 Fuk Wing Street / Shop D, G/F, 165-167 Pei Ho Street , Sham Shui Po
Telephone: 2387 6515
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 6:30am – 8:30pm; Sat, Sun & PH: 6:30am – 7:15pm

Ci Yuan Community Centre Mee Hoon Kuay


Ci Yuan Community Centre hawker center is my at least-once-a-weekly-lunch hangout place. This hawker center, the food is not too expensive and got quite a few nice stalls. One of the stalls that I felt the food is really not bad, is the Mee Hoon Kuay stall. It got sell other food like porridge, which I didn’t try before. I only have craving for the Mee Hoon Kuay. It is QQ de lor.


I like that it is chewy and the soup is nice too. The price is very reasonable too. $2.80 plus $0.50 for egg which I sure want to add. I added sliced fish last time and is also not bad. Cooked by this young looking girl. Quite passionate looking cos she’s really focusing to cook it and can only cook 3 bowls at one go. I super respect people who cook with passion. Eat le this Mee Hoon Kuay got the satisfied and full feeling lor. During rainy or sick days, super suitable to eat this! Other occasions also can eat this la.. up to personal preference. Hard to find nice Mee Hoon Kuay.


Some places de Mee Hoon Kuay not chewy and not thick enough.. This one is good for those who prefer the chewy and thicker Kuay version.. Teo Heng ktv is at there too.. Can dabao it and eat it while sing ktv.. damn shiok to eat inside Aircon room lor.. During lunch time also got quite a queue and needed to wait. Is really ok to wait if you are super craving to eat Mee Hoon Kuay cos it will let you have the cheap and good feel lor. So far, out of all the times I ate, the taste is consistent, except sometimes I feel is a bit too much of Kuay, then eat till full die me lor. I can only think of this place if I crave to eat Mee Hoon Kuay, unless there’s other nice ones, which I haven’t discover yet, then please recommend to me.

Address: 51 Hougang Avenue 9, #01-01, Singapore 538776 (Stall #01-08)
Opening hours (hawker centre): Daily 9.00am to 10.00pm